5 Ways to Market Your Dance Studio with Promotional Products

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5 Ways to Market Your Dance Studio with Promotional Products

by: Valerie Hayman Sklar

Using promotional products to market your dance studio is a great way to increase student enrollment and get the word out about your business. Did you know that the average promotional product is kept for seven months?*

That means the item that you give to a potential dancer or current parent with your studio logo on it will be seen again and again for at least seven months. Also, 62% of recipients of promotional products did business with the advertiser after receiving an item.* Now that you appreciate the benefits of using promotional products, here are five ways to use them effectively.

1. Attract New Students
Offer a free gift with new registrations such as tee shirt, cinch backpack or bag, back to school pencil kit or water bottle. Also consider participating in local parades or festivals where you can give away nail files or jar openers to brand your dance studio's name and promote new student enrollment.

2. Promote and Brand Your Dance Studio Name
Connect with and work together with a local store or dance apparel shop to tap into each other's customers. You can provide these local stores with a small gift to give away when someone buys something at the store above a certain dollar amount. Likewise, these stores can provide your studio a coupon to give to your students and parents from the local store when they register. You can also provide pencils to a nearby school for the beginning of school in the fall to promote your studio. It is inexpensive and a great way to keep your name in front of potential dance students.

3. Motivate Your Dancers To Excel
Set goals for your students and reward them with promotional products. These goals can be yearly or even monthly and will promote your studio as the student shows off their reward to their friends and family. Some dance studios reward students for attendance or years of participation to encourage retention and ongoing support.

4. Encourage Team Spirit Among Your Dancers
Tee shirts are always popular to build team spirit with competition dancers as well as recreational dancers. Everyone wants to see their dance studio on the back of a tee shirt. Place your studio logo on recital tee shirts, competition tee shirts as well as jackets and pants. Take the tee shirts, sweatshirts and team apparel to the next level with rhinestone or Nail Studs. Everyone loves bling!

5. Thank Your Students (and Parents too!)
Everyone loves to be appreciated and thanked. Business appreciation is a popular use of promotional products. Thank parents in the spring with a free gift at the end of the season for enrolling for next year. Students love a summer product that they will use all summer to remember the great year they had dancing at your studio.

Bonus Tip: Fundraising for Dance Competition Teams
All competition teams are looking for ways to raise money for their entry fees, costumes or travel expenses. Promotional products that can be used over and over again make a great choice. Stainless Steel Water Bottles, Reusable Grocery Bags or Music Download Cards are a few ideas to sell and raise money. Get creative and the ideas will be fun and easy to sell to generate funds for your team.

There are over 400,000 promotional products available to imprint with your dance studio's logo. The average cost-per-impression of a promotional product is only $.004.*

Why not increase your student registration, team spirit or studio brand with promotional products?

Need help or want a personalized quote on your promotional products? Valerie Hayman Sklar knows and loves the dance business.

Visit DanceStudioBoutique.com to find her apparel design studio find great designs that you can just add your studio name on it.

Email Valerie for ideas or a price quote: vhs@corporatespecialties.com

You can find Dance Studio Boutique On Facebook too! References: *ROI/Cost Per Impression Study -- ASI 2008

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