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Recital Themes Done for You!

Enjoy access to complete recital themes. Why are these helpful and different than just a list of songs? These documents list the theme for real recitals that we produced. You can see the song name, artist, and most importantly the style of dance and age group we set the numbers to. Use these in any way that you like, draw some inspiration, modify, or duplicate the whole show.

Red Carpet - The Silver Screen
The theme of the Silver Screen is a favorite for audiences and dancers alike. Audiences will enjoy listening to these often familiar tunes as they watch the creativity of the dancers as they perform them. Dancers enjoy the music as well as the wide array of costumes that . . . keep reading
In All Kinds of Weather
In All Kinds of Weather is a versatile theme that is fun for dancers of all ages! The costumes can be as elaborate or as simple as you want them to be. You will enjoy using this theme to . . . keep reading
Broadway Bound
There are many variations on this popular theme. You can draw from Broadway classics through to the latest hits. This type of theme gives you a chance to produce an audience favorite and it also offers you an opportunity to have a range of costumes. Have fun with a Broadway Bound theme! . . . keep reading
So You Think You Can Dance
In this theme we had a combination of songs that either had some reference to dance, move, shake, wiggle, step, etc. There were also songs that represented dance in either movies or shows that were familiar. It was a fun theme to have some flexibility in the type of music and costumes. It also tied in nicely with the popularity of theTV show, which created some excitement with the dancers. . . . keep reading
Get Up and Go
In this theme we decided to highlight with the music various ways to get up and go! Whether that was with an automobile, boat, train, airplane, rocket ship, hot air balloon, to your feet and more. This theme also set up some great opportunities for props within the dances as well. You can have fun breaking out of the traditional ways to getup and go with music options and it can be a fun show to bring together for your dancers. . . . keep reading
The World Is Dancing
This theme was an opportunity to highlight various cultures and types of dancing and music from countries all over the world. You'll see the country named in addition to the music, artist and title. This theme was very fun to costume and it truly felt like a multi-cultural event for the dancers and audience. . . . keep reading
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